2011 Isuzu FSR34, Bucket Truck – Stock Number 806

This late model and relatively low k truck is in exceptional condition and very nice to drive with its powerful diesel and great to handle with an excellent steering lock and low profile build.

The well proven Isuzu is economical to run with an 11-ton RUC sticker and has lots of good features including

  • A.B.S brakes
  • Air bag
  • Euro 5 engine
  • Rear view camera
  • This is now fitted with a refurbished 2006 SN15A, 2 x 250kg man live line bucket unit. These renowned E.W.P’s have a host of advantageous features including a 16.4mt bucket floor height, bucket slide-up, 2 man 250kg capacity, hydraulic auxiliaries in the bucket and at the ground, hydraulic winch, insulated pole telescopic G.R.P boom, 33KVA rating, rotating top arm for exceptional maneuverability, joy stick controls, horizontal and vertical single lever function, interface protection and auto-house at both top and bottom stations.
  • There are plenty of large storage boxes, 4 feet pads and a flip down step-up.

A strong and reliable performer with all tests current and certified now to December 2021.

Seldom available, the Aichi and Isuzu FSR is a desirable, proven and versatile combination for the live line industry.