2009 Isuzu Bucket Lift Truck – Stock Number 856

A very well set-up bucket lift truck.

  • The 2008 Altec 30-G has a bucket capacity of 159kg, has a floor height of 9.2mt. and is tested to 33kva with all tests being current.
  • Around the deck perimeter is a full suite of cupboards/toolboxes including a water tank, drawers, a vice and an inverter.
  • There are interior toolbox lights, work lights and roof mounted flashing beacons, even remote locking for the toolboxes.
  • On the non-slip deck there is a space for road signs and under the left-hand side of the deck there are remote auxiliary hydraulics for road side work tools.
  • At the back is a neat set of fold down steps and a combination 1,500kg rated draw beam.

This has everything you could wish for, in an independent, self-contained, street lighting repair vehicle.