2009 Hino GT8J, Crane Truck – Stock Number 852

A superb truck, totally refurbished and kitted out for replacing poles.

This modern 4×4 Hino has a PK12502 rear mounted crane complete with remote controls which has a max lift of 6100kg @ 1.8mt and outreaches to 7.9mt where it will lift 1,400kg (plus a 3m manual extension).

  • Legs which extend hydraulically both front and rear and comes complete with auger and tamping stick.
  • The deck is approx. 3.9mt long by 2.43mt wide and has 6 internal load anchors.
  • Numerous storage spaces including large left-hand side mounted toolbox, an under deck one on the right-hand side and a 400 mm by 350mm open box the full width across the back.
  • At the back is a 3,500kg rated heavy built draw beam and provision for a pull-out vice.

An excellent well set-up truck, well suited to the P&T or lift and shift industries.